Five reasons why we love artificial flowers!

By Alina Rotaru

More and more people in search of the best looking event décor are turning to artificial flower arrangements, seeing the value in hiring something long lasting over temperamental perennials. No one can deny the beauty of delicately fresh flowers, but they do come with drawbacks that are worth considering when planning your next big event. Here are 5 reasons why artificial flowers are not a faux-pas, but rather the fresh-thinking approach for a contemporary setting.

1. What you see is what you get.
Unlike real flowers, artificial ones keep their shape whatever the weather. They will not wilt because of temperature variations, or worse yet, die in transit, or during the event. Some people even consider wilted or dying flowers a sign of bad luck and even if you are the rational kind, that is not something desirable after lots of careful event planning.

2. Leave the first aid kit at home!
No need to chase away bees, wasps or any other insects that love real flowers as much as you do. You’ll not need to Photoshop red eyes and runny noses as a result of an allergy or hay fever. Artificial flowers are the safest option if you like roses, peonies, hydrangeas, anemones, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, freesias, daisies (and more!) and you do not want to “Ahchoo!” your way through your event.

3. Your wish is our command – no matter the time of year!
Artificial floral decor can be readily available throughout the year. Dreaming of peonies for your winter wedding? Whatever theme you have in mind and the flowers you’d like, the possibilities to create your perfect setting are endless.

4. Elegant and cost efficient? Absolutely!
The silk artificial versions of real flowers look just like the real thing when you choose the right supplier. Hiring artificial flowers is cost effective as they’re resilient enough to be used a number of times before they need replacing. Why spend £1000’s on fresh flowers to watch them wilt as the day progresses, or to only use them for an hour for your ceremony? And if you would still like some fresh flowers, they go together beautifully, opt for fresh bridal flowers and silk floral venue decoration!

5. Endless creativity.
Artificial flowers are just as dynamic as fresh. They can be used in worry-free centrepieces (set in resin or foam instead of water to avoid accidents if you have a child-friendly event), be used to create a beautiful arch or flower wall and create long-lasting hair pieces, cute wedding favours, buttonholes, corsages, wreaths and even flower-girl accessories that they can then keep as a gift.

So whether it’s a magical fairy tale wedding or a corporate event for your colleagues to remember, artificial flowers could be just the trend that you’re looking for!