wedding traditions

We usually understand wedding traditions and rituals before we’ve worked out how to pay a bill or other similarly boring, yet necessary, life skills. Our parents, our parent’s-parents, the media and story books all tell us that there’s a certain way to ‘be wed’. It’s usually a lavish occasion, where the bride is adorned in white, followed around by a gaggle of unfortunate looking bridesmaids before marrying Prince Charming and then the kingdom rejoices forever. Or something like that. Skip to 2017 where modern brides are ditching out-dated trends are on the increase and separating us from the generations of yester-year. We’ve listed 5 ‘I Don’ts’ to help you put your stamp on your own happily ever after…

The Bridal Party – Straight in at number one, we went for the jugular. The thought of no bridesmaids would cause some brides to instantly combust. Without listing all the clichés, we do recognise that sometimes having your girls (and boys) to help you through your special day is completely necessary. The romans invented Bridesmaids to confuse evil spirits and deter them from corrupting the bride. Since then, bridesmaids have become more of a sentimental tradition and we can see why. However, if you’re thinking that this tradition might not be for you, then make your own kind of perfect and be a 21st century bride without a ‘maid.

First Dance – We’ve all seen the new craze to choreograph your first dance with a fancy routine. Then there’s rest of us with two left feet, feeling awkward about shuffling around like you’re at a school disco (circa ’98). Don’t despair! Ditch the dance! Or perhaps make your own kind of tradition and invite all your guests to dance with you!

Speeches – We’ve all been to a wedding where the speeches last forever, literally. You don’t need to include a tiring order of speeches in the exact format as per Debrett’s. It’s your wedding day and you can choose what works best for you and your significant other. Your guests might thank you too.

Programs – Let your guests follow the ceremonial service or the order of the day with a program, sounds logical right? Unfortunately, programs are usually left on seats or made into paper fans/planes/etc without much regard. With each program costing from £1 to £4 you’ll not only save yourself a heap of money, but there’s one less thing to worry about too!

Favours – The wedding favour market has grown exponentially in recent years, with every bride wanting something unique to gift her guests. Favours now range from the traditional sugared almonds to miniature alcoholic drinks. Although it’s a lovely gesture, wedding guests already recognise the great expense that goes into planning a wedding. Save yourself a packet here too, we guarantee nobody will notice anyway!

We’re sure there are lots of other ways to custom make your perfect wedding day without expected traditions! We’d love to hear from other modern brides to find out what you’re planning to do!