Table plans. Equally exciting and frustrating as narrowing down your guest list. As families become more sophisticated (we mean dysfunctional) it’s only right that weddings should roll with the punches. Top tables are getting bigger with multiple best men (à la Andy Murray), parents, step-parents, etc. Enter the sweetheart table!

As the name would suggest a sweetheart table is a table for you and your sweetheart! Divorced parents or a family feud might be an unfortunate reason that you choose a sweetheart table over a standard top table but there’s also an incredibly romantic reason you might go for it too. You’ve just put on a beautiful ceremony, given your family and friends front row seats to your nuptials and you’re likely to spend most of the reception chit-chatting with your nearest and dearest – so let’s assume that you might like a bit of semi-private time together. A sweetheart table could be the perfect opportunity for you to have a breather together. Give yourself chance to enjoy each other’s company as newly-weds and catch up on how you think it’s all going!

Don’t assume that your bridal party will be disappointed to find that they’re not sitting up top with you, keep them involved by having your family host different tables of guests. By placing new with familiar is a lovely opportunity for different mixes of guests to get to know each other over dinner, ready for a great party! Whatever you ask of your family and friends they’ll be happy just to be a part of making your wedding day unforgettable.

Keeping it cosy with your table for two doesn’t mean your top table decorations must be downsized too. You don’t need a 10ft long table but don’t arrange a tiny table for 2 for your first meal as Mr and Mrs, we recommend a round or rectangular table to fit 4-6 people. This way you still have a presence in the room but still have plenty of space to place your décor. With only two people to seat you’ll have lots more elbow room and, more importantly, extra room to get creative with flower design, glamourous backdrops and signage (yay!)

For brides on a budget, if your ceremony and reception venues are in the same place you could also consider re-using your ceremony table flowers or flower arch for your sweetheart table too! For couples with bigger budgets you could go all out king and queen style with thrones or perhaps a comfy love seat, perfect for two love birds! For couples who like the best of both worlds there’s the option to combine a round table for two with a couple of rectangle tables either side and viola! You have the intimacy of a table just for the bride and groom but you still have your bridal party on separate tables to the left and right.

Don’t forget that your wedding is about you and your future husband/wife so concentrate on what makes you happy when considering your important on-the-day decisions!